Home News Kaushani in the film left by Mahir, shooting tomorrow

Kaushani in the film left by Mahir, shooting tomorrow

Kaushani in the film left by Mahir, shooting tomorrow

Actress Mahia Mahi returned to shooting after maternity break with the film ‘Dark World’. But after a few days of shooting, he withdrew from this film. This time Kolkata actress Kaushani Mukherjee has joined the movie. Producer and actor Munna Khan has teamed up opposite the heroine.

The producer of the movie, Mostafizur Rahman Manik, told Independent Digital that Kaushani will set foot in Dhaka on Wednesday. The suspended shooting is going to start again from tomorrow. Kaushani will be seen in the role of a police officer in this movie.

Incidentally, Mahiya Mahi returned to shooting last year with the movie ‘Dark World’. But his return was not pleasant. After shooting one day, he expressed his unwillingness to work opposite Munna. Finally the shooting stopped. Mahi was impressed by one of Munna Khan’s statements. In an interview, the hero wanted to get Pari Mani as the heroine in this film. That is the danger.

After almost three months, after finalizing the heroine, the shooting of the movie is going to start again.

Incidentally, Kaushani’s first Bangladeshi film is ‘Priya Re’. But even today it has not seen the light of day. There is a lot of confusion about whether the movie produced by Shapla Media will be released at all. This actress came to Dhaka in 2021 after writing her name in Dhallywood movie. Earlier he was seen opposite two Bengali popular heroes Dev, Boney Sengupta, Ankush, Soham Chakraborty. This is the first time he is going to work opposite Munna.