Home News Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, family photo recalled by photo agencies over fear of editing

Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, family photo recalled by photo agencies over fear of editing

Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, family photo recalled by photo agencies over fear of editing

Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, family photo recalled by photo agencies over fear of editing – NZ Herald

“On closer inspection, it appears that the source manipulated the image,” the AP alert said.

Spokesman said about it Telegraph: “Image shows discrepancy in alignment of Princess Charlotte’s left hand”.

Agencies have a policy of not distributing overly edited photos. Kensington Palace declined to comment.

There is no suggestion that the picture misrepresents the Prince or her children, or that she is not in as good of health as she appears.

Photo partially intended To reassure the public of his health after spending weeks at home following major abdominal surgery.

The photo sparked further questions on social media, with critics claiming that Princess Charlotte’s arm and wrist were partially missing.

Others pointed out that the Prince of Wales is no longer wearing a wedding ring, while others questioned a tree with mid-March leaves in the background as Prince Louis crossed his fingers.

The photo was shared on social media by Kensington Palace along with a short Mother’s Day message.

“Thank you for your well wishes and continued support over the past two months,” Prince wrote in the caption.

“Happy Mother’s Day to everyone.”

The message was signed “C” for Catherine.

The prince appeared in an official photo for the first time since Christmas and his first message since January 17, when the palace requested privacy and said he would be out of the public eye until at least Easter.

Looking healthy and happy, the Prince is dressed in jeans and smiles for the camera, with his arms around Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Prince George stands behind her with his arms around her neck. The children laugh in this picture taken by their father Prince William in Windsor.

It was a role reversal for the couple, who have made it a tradition to post pictures of Prince, who is an avid photographer.

The photo, part of the family’s annual tradition of sending a Mothering Sunday message, was meant in part to answer questions from the public about the Princess’s well-being. Kensington Palace has always reiterated that she is “doing well” after undergoing major abdominal surgery in January and is slowly recovering at home in an Adelaide cottage with her young family.

Nevertheless, after 76 days out of the public eye, she has become the subject of some of the most outlandish conspiracy theories in modern royal history, and there has been growing chatter on social media about her whereabouts.

The Mother’s Day post was greeted by royal followers as the Princess sharing information on her own terms. However, within hours, social media users started commenting on something called a “Photoshop fail.”

The Prince of Wales has previously spoken out about the problem of “fake news” and in 2018 accused social media firms of not doing enough to prevent it.

It is believed to be the first time agencies have recalled an official photograph from the palace.

The growing use of artificial intelligence has prompted agencies to update their policies to prevent the spread of manipulated images.

Kensington Palace has previously been accused of a “Photoshop fail” on social media, including a Christmas card with Prince Louis missing his middle finger.

The Mothering Sunday photo recall is the latest drama for the royal family, which has faced challenges this year. The King was diagnosed with cancer, the Prince of Wales underwent surgery and the Princess of Wales stepped back from engagements to care for him.

An explanation that the Prince of Wales missed the memorial service of his godfather King Constantine of Greece due to a “personal” matter has fueled growing speculation about what is going on in the family.

The royals will attend the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey overnight NZT in a show of stability.

The King, who cannot participate in public events while being treated for cancer, will give a message via video. The Queen will lead the royal family together with the Prince of Wales. He will next appear at an event promoting Launchpad, the new Earthshot investment platform.