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Kangana confessed her love

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The actress got caught after going to Ayodhya, India. Or Kangana Ranaut leaked it. He went to Ayodhya two days before the inauguration of the Ram temple.

When it rains flowers on the moon, his joy does not stop. He was not seen there with other Bollywood stars even for a moment.

Was with someone else. She was seen with the eminent businessman ‘Is My Trip’ host Nishant Pitti. Then the news broke, he is in a relationship with Nishant! Since then many questions about the actress.

Kangana herself opened up about the matter amid such news about love. In her Instagram story, the actress said that the news of her love affair with Nishat is completely fake. He also admits his love for another person.

He said, ‘Don’t spread these fake news. Nishant is married and very happy in his personal life. I’m in love with someone else. Let the right time come, then I will let you know. It is not right to associate a young girl with a new man every day. We just took pictures. Don’t shame us unnecessarily. There is no need to exaggerate about it”.

After that, the question arose, who is Kangana in a relationship with?

Incidentally, the actress revealed the release date of ‘Emergency’ yesterday (January 23). This time she is going to play the role of Indira Gandhi. Along with him, he also said that because of this film, the actress kept all her vows.


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