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Kamrul and Farooq shot suddenly after election campaign: RAB

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RAB has arrested 2 people in connection with the shooting of 3 people in Tangail’s Baghail terrorist attack. They were arrested in a raid in Uttara area of ​​the capital on Monday night.

In a press conference at the RAB media center in Caravanbazar on Tuesday afternoon, RAB said that there are several cases against the arrested persons, including weapons cases. Earlier they were arrested in various cases.

Khandaker Al Moin, director of RAB’s law and media wing, said, ‘Kamarul and Farooq were arrested on December 24 when they were returning home after the election campaign. 4 to 5 people were shot.

Khandaker Al Moin said that this incident happened due to previous disputes, internal conflicts and dominance.

The agency has yet to know anything about whether the named accused Kamrul and Farooq, arrested in the incident, have any political identity.

RAB says that the organization is working in the field as per the instructions of the Election Commission. Besides, they are also conducting operation to recover illegal weapons.

On the night of December 24, three people, including the General Secretary of Baghil Union Jubo League, were shot dead in Jugni area of ​​Tangail-5 Sadar Upazila. In this incident, the father of Union Jubo League general secretary Roknuzzaman Rokon filed a case in the name of 25 unknown people including the names of 6 people in Tangail Sadar police station.

In this incident, the police arrested the current member of parliament and three workers of the independent candidate. And now two people have been arrested by RAB.


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