Home News Juanma Moreno encourages the PP to stand "prepared" facing possible general elections after the summer

Juanma Moreno encourages the PP to stand "prepared" facing possible general elections after the summer

Juanma Moreno encourages the PP to stand "prepared" facing possible general elections after the summer

The president of the Andalusian PP and the Junta, Juanma Moreno, stated this Friday that the Government of Pedro Sánchez is “absolutely knocked out” by the “voracity of the independence movement”as has been seen with the approval of the Amnesty Law and the refusal to present General State Budgets (PGE) for 2024, so it has been considered that the Popular Party has to be “prepared” to face a possible call for the general elections, especially once the summer passes.

During his speech at the Autonomous Executive Committee of the PP-A, held in Almería and which was attended by the Popular Party spokesperson, Borja Sémper, Moreno indicated that Pedro Sánchez’s Executive is “drifting”, absolutely ” knocked out” and completely “weak, in the hands of the voracity of independence, which does and undoes as it pleases with the interests of all Spaniards.”

After insisting that Carles Puigdemontleader of a “minority” party like Junts, is the one that has “power” in Spain, has indicated that yesterday was a “sad day” due to the approval of an Amnesty Law that, “with a stroke of the pen, erases all crimes since 2011crimes of political corruption and institutional corruption or that involve violating the constitutional and statutory framework in Catalonia and in Spain as a whole”, while expressing concern that, the minute this norm is approved in the Congress of Deputies , the independentistas were already calling for a referendum on self-determination.

“Which they are creating is a monster“, indicated Juanma Moreno, for whom the PSOE is the one that is making the independence movement “grow” and is giving it “weapons.” She has denounced that Sánchez’s only priority in the five months of this legislature has been “to approve the amnesty and protect Puigdemont”.

Likewise, it has considered a “embarrassing spectacle” that the central government has given up presenting this year’s state budgets after the elections in Catalonia were called for May 12. He has accused Sánchez of not complying with his “constitutional mandate” to prepare budgets and take them to the Cortes Generales.

For Juanma Moreno, the President of the Government has dedicated himself to repeatedly destroying “a large part of the credit of the institutions towards the citizens, in a blatant manner”, changing his mind based on “his interests, without any dissimulation and without any story.” serene and sensible.” “He has destroyed everything that he considered an obstacle in terms of institutional credibility, simply with the aim of staying in power,” Moreno stated.

All these facts, as he added, show that the PSOE government is “absolutely fragile and erratic”with a president who thinks “exclusively of him” and who with each decision “deteriorates the democratic quality and the quality of life of the Spanish people.”

Moreno has pointed out that the only alternative to all this “fuss” is the Popular Party: “Alberto Núñez Feijóo represents the only possible alternative to the madness that the Sánchez Government has” and that is leading the country to a “catastrophic in institutional terms” situation. , social and economic”.

For the Andalusian president, the party has to be prepared and “oiled” to face a possible call for general elections, especially at the return of summer, because we are facing a “failed legislature, which is permanently leaking” because the Government of Pedro Sánchez “It is not capable of approving anything, it is not capable of advancing anything, and it is not capable of having a medium and long-term project for the Spanish people.”

Likewise, he has urged the Andalusian PP to offer support to colleagues from the Basque Country and Catalonia before the regional elections in both communities in April and May, respectively.