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Joy Chowdhury is resigning after Simon

by Afonso
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A few days ago, actor Joy Chowdhury resigned from the current committee of the Bangladesh Film Artists Association. This time International Affairs Secretary Joy Chowdhury has decided to resign. He said that he will submit his resignation letter to the Artists Association in a short time. Joy Chowdhury himself confirmed the matter to the media on Tuesday (January 23) morning.

He said, ‘I have decided to resign from the post of International Affairs Secretary of Film Artists Association. I did not send the letter due to busy schedule. I will go to the association soon and inform about the official resignation. I may message all members. Because there is no need to hold a position in which I cannot work.’

He also said, ‘From my place, I feel like I have my back against the wall. I am not in any way before or after the association. I’m just focusing on my work now.’

Simon resigned mainly due to conflict over the release of the film under the SAFTA agreement. Since then various discussions and criticisms are going on in the association.


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