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Jhelik’s song in his own name

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The name of the songwriter sometimes appears in the lyrics of the song. Again in the case of band music, it can be seen that albums or songs are made under their own name. However, this is not often the case with solo artists. This time the exceptional act has been done by the best vocal star Jhelik. A new song has been written in his name. The title is ‘Aami Jhilik’. It was written by Jamal Hussain.

The song was released on Rangan Music’s YouTube channel on Thursday (January 11). It is composed by Milan Mohammad. Sajib Das was the music director. The music video was produced by Saikat Reza.

Jhelik said, ‘Rangan Music’s Jamal Bhai is my mentor in the music industry. The song was created under his inspiration and supervision. It will be a special song in my career as the song is named after me.’

Jhelik further said the story behind the song, ‘Songwriter Jamal Bhai suddenly said one day that he has written a song with my name. We sat with the song, I liked the lyrics very much. Having a beautiful song in his name spread the limit of joy. Thank you Saikat Bhai for a beautiful music video and letting me dance. I like to dance a little to the music.’

The music video features Siam Mridha and Milan as models along with Jhelik. Cinematography done by Yasin Bin Arian.

Songwriter Jamal Hossain said, ‘We consider Jhelik to be a member of the Rangan music family. I have sung many of his songs. Suddenly it seemed that the title of Jhilik could be the new song of Jhilik. This song was born from that thought. Milan Mohammad’s tune is also perfect for the song. I believe the audience will like it too.’


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