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Jesus’ Message of Peace Ignored Again: Pope Francis

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Jesus’ message of peace has once again been ignored by arguing for futile wars, Pope Francis has said. He made this comment in a speech given on the occasion of Christmas. This was reported in a report by the British media BBC.

The celebration of the birth of Jesus is going on around the world in a festive atmosphere. The whole world is busy sharing happiness with relatives. However, in the Israeli invasion, there is no celebration in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus. Pope Francis has expressed grief over the Israeli war on the Holy Land, the birthplace of Jesus.

Jesus Christ was born to a virgin mother Mary on December 25 in Bethlehem in the West Bank of Palestine. He sacrificed his life to save humanity. Christians celebrate this day as Christmas or Christmas.

A special prayer service is held on Christmas Eve at St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. About 6,500 people participated in it.

Pope Francis highlighted the greatness of Jesus’ simple life in his Christmas address. At that time, he expressed regret for the Israeli war on the holy land of his birthplace, ignoring Jesus’ message of peace.

Pope Francis said, ‘Today our hearts are in Bethlehem. Where Jesus’ message of peace is once again ignored by arguing for futile war. Even today, through the conflict of arms, he is prevented from finding a peaceful place on earth.’

The city of Bethlehem has historical significance as the birthplace of Jesus Christ. Every year at Christmas there is an added level of festivity. But this time the picture is completely different. The festival was canceled due to Israel’s invasion of Gaza.

People of all ages attend Christmas prayers at the traditional Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. A bronze sculpture of Jesus has been placed inside an incubator in Mangar Square in solidarity with the children of Gaza. It represents Jesus as a baby in an incubator.

The entire world is busy sharing the joy of Jesus Christ’s birthday with relatives and friends. At the same time, they pray that the new year brings happiness and peace in everyone’s life.

Meanwhile, the Christmas festival is being celebrated in America with various arrangements. An 80-foot-tall Christmas tree is decorated with 50,000 lights in New York’s Manhattan Rockefeller Center. The visitors flocked to see. Millions of people gather in New York’s Times Square to celebrate Christmas Eve.

Besides, Christmas is being celebrated in different countries of Europe and Asia. Like other countries, the followers of Christianity in Bangladesh are also celebrating Christmas with prayers, religious rituals, and joyous celebrations. Churches across the country, including the capital, are colorfully decorated. President Mohammad Sahabuddin and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina expressed Christmas greetings in separate messages. Christians pray for world peace on this day.


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