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Jeet’s ‘Manush’ was released at 44.

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In the month of Vijay, there is no rush to release domestic movies in December. Even in the third week of this month, only one domestic movie named ‘Mrityunjai’ has been released so far. The producers say that they are not getting the courage to release the movie due to the political situation. But the release of Indian movies does not stop there. After Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Animal’ last week, Tollywood’s ‘Manush’ is releasing today. The movie will be shown in 44 cinema halls of the country from today.

Earlier, ‘Manush’ directed by Bangladeshi filmmaker Sanjay Samdar was released in India on November 24 this year. Even though there was supposed to be release in this country on the same day, it got delayed. This time the issue of getting released is final. Bangladesh Film Censor Board has recently given uncut clearance to the movie. Produced by Jeet’s Jeet Films and Grassroots Entertainment, the movie was imported by Action Cut Entertainment. The director of the distributor Ananya Mamun said that the permission of the Ministry of Information was received for the movie last week.

The film ‘Manush’ is made on a crime story. Apart from playing the lead role, the movie is produced by West Bengal superstar Jeet. Jitu Kamal, Sushmita and others also acted. Vidya Sinha Mim played a special role. Made by Sanjay Samaddar of Bangladesh. He made his directorial debut on the big screen with this movie.

Regarding the release of the movie, director Sanjay Samaddar said, “After India, ‘Manush’ is also being released in Bangladesh. You have always given me love, tell me how it felt to watch it on the big screen.”

Incidentally, the shooting of the film started on December 16, 2022. It has been shot in various locations in Kolkata, Purulia and Thailand.


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