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Jaya tops the list of best Indian OTTs

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OTT has been in the film industry for a few years now. Streaming platforms have made inroads in India in recent times. At times, OTT content is even surpassing the theatrical releases. Hindustan Times, India’s reputed media, has prepared a list of best performing web content released in 2023. And Bangladesh’s Jaya Ahsan has taken a place with pride. This achievement has been added to the crown of this actress due to the recently released film ‘Karak Singh’.

On December 8, ‘Karak Singh’ was released on the OTT platform G-5. Directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, it starred Bollywood actor Pankaj Tripathi opposite Jaya. After the release, the film got mixed response from critics and audience, but Jaya Ahsan has played well in her own place. Various published reviews say so.

Hindustan Times published a report on Saturday (December 23) titled ‘Outstanding on OTT: Breakout Performance’. The first and biggest picture of Jaya Ahsan is kept there. Commenting the actress on the feature, ‘It’s a clean and multi-layered character, you might say, out of my comfort zone. If the audience likes it, that’s definitely a big deal for me. Some have said, my screen presence could have been a little more; But I think the character is quite strong. I am now looking for something new like this.’

Apart from Jaya Ahsan, Amruta Subhash (Last Stories 2), Chintan R (Rach Class), Suvinder Pal (Vicky Kohra), Rajshri Deshpande (Trial by Fire), Sukant Goyal (Kala Pani), Bhuvan Arora (Farji) also made it to the list. , Siddhant Gupta (Jubilee) and Gogab Dev Rayar (Scam 2003).

Incidentally, the thriller genre film ‘Karak Singh’. Apart from Pankaj Jaya, it also stars Sanjana Sanghi, Parvathy Thirubathu.

Meanwhile, another Bangladeshi actress Ajmeri Haque Badhan made her Bollywood debut with Netflix this year. He worked in the web film ‘Khufia’ produced by Vishal Bharadwaj. In that context, this actress has recently made it to the ‘Coolest Heroines of the Year’ list made by the film platform ‘Film Companion’.


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