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Jaya, Apu and Faria are involved in the gambling app!

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Three popular heroines of the country are seen in the gambling app. They are talking about joining it in Dedarse. Jaya Ahsan, Apu Biswas and Nusrat Faria became the advertising and goodwill ambassadors of the site which is banned in the country and internationally. Meanwhile, Jaya and Faria can only be found in advertisements, but Apu is working as a goodwill ambassador! And most of them claim that they got involved in them due to wrong information.

Jaya Ahsan and Nusrat Faria worked in the advertisement of a betting site named WinBaji. Their advertisements are aired during the Cricket World Cup (October-November). Faria has given all the messages very fluently and shockingly.

Tried to talk about the matter with the three stars. Meanwhile, Faria told Independent Digital, ‘The ad I did for WinBaji was aired only in India. There was no promotion in the country.’

He could not give a clear answer when asked whether the issue is valid in India even though it is not publicized in the country. He said that he joined it without fully knowing the matter. But not only on that site, Faria herself also promoted them on her Instagram.

Although Faria tried to avoid it, Indian law is quite strict about it. Recently, several Bollywood-Tollywood stars have also been associated with online betting sites. A few months ago, Ranbir Kapoor was summoned by the Enforcement Directorate (ED), India’s intelligence agency, in connection with an online betting app scam. Apart from this, West Bengal actress-MP Nusrat Jahan and Mimi Chakraborty made headlines for promoting the betting app. Meanwhile, India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting last August advised all concerned parties, including press, online advertising intermediaries and social media, to immediately refrain from displaying advertisements/promotional material on gambling. Government of India may take appropriate action under various laws without complying with this advice.

When told that there is a ban on advertising gambling in India, Faria said, ‘There is a ban on advertising such betting sites in our country. But it is not known that there is a ban in India.’

Meanwhile, Apu Biswas has become the goodwill ambassador of a betting app called Babu88. At the beginning of the new year, the site posted a VVO greeting message from him. When the actress was contacted about this, she said, ‘I feel very embarrassed. That video is fake. See me post that somewhere?’

No inconsistencies in Apu’s voice change or lip reading were found in the video. On the contrary, he also seemed quite fluent. And Apu spoke in that video as a goodwill ambassador.

On the other hand, actress Jaya Ahsan was contacted on her mobile phone and WhatsApp to talk about the same, but she did not respond.

Incidentally, earlier the issue of cricketer Shakib Al Hasan’s involvement with the organization of a betting site came to the fore. With which the cricket field of Bangladesh became active.


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