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Jatiya Party in the face of destruction again

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Jatiya Party in the face of destruction again. However, the general secretary of the party, Mujibul Haque Chunnu, does not care about the announcement of the party’s reorganization under the leadership of Roshan Ershad. He says that such attempts have been made several times before. There was no damage to the main national party. Even if a new party is formed, they will welcome it.

In the last 37 years, the Jatiya Party has been on the verge of collapse five times. Immediately after the 12th National Assembly elections, a section of the party took a stand against party chairman GM Quader on various charges. More than 600 leaders and workers resigned from the party recently. These leaders announced the council under the leadership of the party’s chief patron Roshan Ershad.

In this situation, the party’s general secretary’s question is that the Jatiya Party did not even get a person to give an agent to the center in Dhaka-18 seat a few days ago, from where did so many members come to resign.

General Secretary of Jatiya Party Mujibul Haque Chunnu said, ‘We are harassed to find the agent who is an active worker of Jatiya Party. Now 700 employees of Sentu Saheb have resigned, whether these employees came from the sky or not is a matter of research. We will research it and see where these workers came from. I did not know that there are so many workers in my team.’

Dismissing the fear of party disintegration, Jatiya Party Secretary General says that Jatiya Party will welcome the formation of a new party under the leadership of Roshan Ershad. He said, ‘Welcome if they form a team to establish Sir (HM Ershad’s) ideals. No problem with that. Many people have already left the National Party, so what does it matter? Jatiya Party will not suffer even if I leave. This party is led by GM Quader and the party led by him is the Jatiya Party.’

Meanwhile, the resigned and expelled leaders are talking about uniting under the leadership of Roshan Ershad, claiming that the Jatiya Party is in crisis again due to the failure of the current chairman and general secretary.

Expelled Jatiya Party leader Sunil Shubo Roy said, ‘We have seen their (Jatiya Party General Secretary and Chairman) failure. I have asked for their resignation for that failure. We have to respond to Madam Ershad’s (Roshan Ershad) call to unite. We gladly accept his call.’

The resigned and expelled leaders also said that soon another large part of the party will resign and join the work of restructuring the Jatiya Party.


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