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Jatiya Party announced the election manifesto

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Jatiya Party has announced the manifesto for the 12th National Assembly elections. Secretary General of the party announced the manifesto at the Banani office of the National Party Chairman on Thursday afternoon. Mujibul Haque Chunnu. In this year’s manifesto, Jatiya Party has given importance to employment and market system.

The twenty-four-point manifesto calls for creating a self-reliant nation by solving unemployment problems by expanding multi-faceted and technical education. Apart from this, expansion of education based on modern technology, control of commodity prices, suppression of corruption, decentralization of power and provincial government system have been mentioned.

In addition, it has been announced in this manifesto to keep the judiciary, ACC and EC free from government control, and to ensure freedom of media and expression.

In this year’s manifesto, the Jatiya Party has promised to abolish the black law, special power law, solve the unemployment problem, ensure public health services, and increase the expenditure on the education sector in the budget.

In this election, the ruling Awami League left 26 seats to the Jatiya Party. Secretary General of the party Mujibul Haque said that candidates of Jatiya Party will contest in 283 seats in the election. However, there has been an agreement with Awami League on the seats of some senior leaders.

On November 15, the election commission announced the schedule of the 12th national parliament election. According to the schedule, the vote will be held on January 7.


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