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Japan made history by sending its own technology spacecraft to the moon

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India’s Chandrayaan successfully landed on the moon in August last year. Another Asian country, Japan, is following that path. The country has sent an unmanned spacecraft to the moon made entirely by its own technology. The news agency Reuters says that the Japanese spacecraft ‘Moon Sniper’ successfully landed in Shioli landing area of ​​the moon on Friday at 9:25 PM Bangladesh time.

Through this, Japan made history as the fifth country to successfully land on the moon. Earlier, only America, Soviet Union, China and India managed to achieve this feat. Only three other countries have achieved this feat this decade.

The probe sent by Japan has left two rovers on the moon. They will research there.

The spacecraft, known as the Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (Slim), has been developed by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and toy manufacturer Takara Tomi. It was targeted to land within 100 meters of the lunar surface. Other spacecraft’s landing zones on the Moon are typically several kilometers.

Japan was optimistic about the success of this campaign after two failed lunar missions and a recently launched rocket that exploded. Their hope has now been fulfilled.

Tokyo University associate professor Tomokatsu Morota said, through this expedition, more information about the moon’s history will be known. In addition, Japan has ambitions to uncover the mystery of the source of water on the moon. You can also learn about the life there.

Japan has become very active in space with the help of America, one of the allies. It is believed that America is on the side of Japan in this activity to respond to China’s activities. Japan will send astronauts to the moon under NASA’s Artemis program.

Shinichiro Sakai, manager of Jaxer Slim Project, said, ‘What we have achieved in this campaign, no other country has been able to do. Our technology will also be used on Artemis.’

Earlier, Chandrayaan-3’s lander Vikram landed on the lunar surface with the rover Pragyan on August 23 last year. Through this, India became the first country in the world to start research work on the South Pole of the Moon. No country has ever touched the south pole of the moon before.

Russia sent a spacecraft but it did not land successfully. The vehicle sent by Russia is called Luna-25. Through this, the race to reach the south pole of the moon began. A competition that Russia lost. But China also joined this competition. The country claimed that India could not actually go to the South Pole. China will go to the South Pole first!


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