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Jamal Uddin showed unique humanity

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Saudi expatriate Mejbah Uddin Rubel (50) got his family back with the humanity and awareness of Dhaka Medical College (DMH) Hospital Emergency Department chief Jamal Uddin. At that time, Jamal Uddin also explained the 5 thousand taka in cash with the Saudi expatriate to Rubel’s family members.

This incident happened around 6:30 pm on Saturday. Rubel, son of deceased Maqbul Ahmed of Dhopakhila village of Chauddagram upazila of Comilla.

Sardar Jamal Uddin said, since evening, the person was seen lying unconscious near the ticket counter of the emergency department. At that time, his right leg was bandaged in white from knee to toe. He had two crutches. With which he might have walked. Even after a long time, he did not get any response from the ticket counter. After that I arranged for him to be admitted to Ward No. 105. When he regains some consciousness, we inform his family by mobile phone. When the family members rush to Dhaka Medical, I explain to them the cash of 5,000 taka received from expatriates.

Rubel’s niece Tanzim Kabir Tama said, “My uncle Mejbah Uddin Rubel injured his right leg in a road accident while he was in Saudi Arabia. Then he returned to the country about four years ago. He used to walk on crutches. We could not find him for two days. Mama said while leaving the house that she was going for treatment at Sava Paralysis Rehabilitation Center (CRP). Since then the mobile communication with him was lost. This evening we got to know on the phone that uncle is in Dhaka Medical. Later we found him under treatment in ward No. 105 of Dhaka Medical Hospital.

Tama also said that Sardar Jamal Uddin is a white minded person in Dhaka Medical College Hospital. If he had not admitted my uncle for treatment from an unconscious and unconscious state, I might not have found him. Also, first of all, I thank God and express my gratitude and gratitude to Jamal Uddin Bhai. My uncle was unconscious and had five thousand rupees in cash which he explained to us.

The matter was confirmed by the police camp in-charge of DMK Hospital. Bachchu Mia He said that currently expatriate Mejbah Uddin Rubel is undergoing treatment at Dhaka Medical. Our doctors have said that they will do everything necessary for his treatment.


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