Home News Jamal Bhuiyan will do well in the country, hope the Kuwaiti expatriates

Jamal Bhuiyan will do well in the country, hope the Kuwaiti expatriates

Jamal Bhuiyan will do well in the country, hope the Kuwaiti expatriates

Bangladesh lost 5-0 to Palestine at the Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed International Stadium in Kuwait in a FIFA World Cup qualifier. Jamal Bhuiyan’s team dashed the hopes and expectations of nearly 30,000 Bangladeshi expatriates in the gallery who came to watch this game.

The expatriates were overjoyed when they heard the news that their country’s team would play in the land of the expatriates. After two weeks of camping in Saudi Arabia, the Bangladesh football team arrived at the Kuwait airport on the afternoon of March 17. At that time, expatriate football fans including the officials of the Bangladesh Embassy in Kuwait gave a warm welcome with flowers. Afterward, Kuwaiti expatriates are seen posting emotional statuses on social media with photos taken as souvenirs with the players at the hotel and on the training ground. Posters ask players to be present in the gallery to encourage them. Besides, Jamal Bhuiyan, Tapu Burmans and Bangladeshi media and newsmen were requested to attend the field on 21st.

Team manager Amer Khan also said that if the expatriates are present on the field, the players will be encouraged and they will be able to give a good game. Expatriates from different regions started gathering at the gates surrounding the Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed International Stadium after their duty and some took leave after Iftar. Gradually, the crowd around the stadium turned into a sea of ​​people.

After the gates of the stadium were opened at 8:30 pm on March 21, Bangladeshi expatriates entered in droves wearing jerseys. They had the flag in their hands, the sound of Bangladesh Bangladesh in their mouths created a different atmosphere. The gallery with a capacity of 60,000 visitors had about 30,000 visitors, 95 percent of whom were Bengalis. There was great enthusiasm and enthusiasm among the expatriates till the 35 minutes of the Bangladesh game. The sound of Bangladesh Bangladesh was coming from all directions. In the last minute of the first half, the Bangladeshi team scored two consecutive goals, and the impression of sadness started on the faces of the Bangladeshi spectators.

This is the red-green’s heaviest loss against the hosts. Ode Dabagh scored a hat-trick for Palestine. The other two goals were scored by Shehab Kumbarar.

In this, the hopes and emotions of Kuwaiti expatriates turned into disappointment. Bangladeshi football players left Kuwait for Bangladesh on Friday afternoon with the love of expatriates. Jamal Bhuiyara will quickly correct the mistakes in the field of Kuwait and play well on the country’s soil on Tuesday, March 26 – this is the expectation of Bangladeshi expatriates in Kuwait.