Home Sports Ivana Andrés: "Girls no longer want to be just like Beckham or Mbappé, they want to be like Alexia Putellas"

Ivana Andrés: "Girls no longer want to be just like Beckham or Mbappé, they want to be like Alexia Putellas"

Ivana Andrés: "Girls no longer want to be just like Beckham or Mbappé, they want to be like Alexia Putellas"

The players of the Spanish women’s soccer team Ivana Andrés and Alba Redondo This Tuesday they brought the trophy that accredits them as world champions to the European Parliament and asked to give a chance to the future Alexia Putellas or Aitana Bonmat, who “are out there” and need female references in sport.

With their champion medals around their necksAndrés and Redondo placed the world cup achieved last summer before the European chamber with a standing ovation from the MEPs, the president of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, and the vice president of the European Commission for Values ​​and Transparency, Vera Jourov.

“The next Alexia Putellas is out there. The next Aitana Bonmat is out there. They just want an opportunity and we must give it to them,” Andrés asked before a chamber that celebrated with applause that, as the player said, girls increasingly have more role models in women’s sports.

“We believe we are on the right path, but we are ambitious. Girls around the world no longer want to be just like Beckham, Mbapp or Cristiano Ronaldo. “They want to be like Alexia Putellas, Ada Hegerberg, Pernille Harder or Alexandra Popp,” Andrés added.

The captain of the Spanish team insisted in which sport is “a unique tool capable of transforming people, re-educating and making them think in a more fair and egalitarian way.”

“Sport excites, transforms and educates. We must know how to use it correctly. We must give girls around the world feminine references in which they can see themselves reflected: women who inspire them, who excite them and who allow them in difficult moments, both personal and professional, not to give up and move forward,” Andrés stressed.

Alba Redondo, for her part, declared herself proud to be in the Eurochamber representing not only the team “but also all the players, our teammates, our friends, all the women whose passion is sport, football and who fight with pride every day to achieve their dream.”

“We are here today in the best possible scenario, in the heart of Europe, for what has been achieved in recent years, but what we must be here today is really not for the past, but for the future. We must build a better future, a more just, egalitarian and supportive society. We must push this path hand in hand and it involves, like almost anything else, through education,” Redondo asked.

The players, also recent winners of the Nations Leaguetook advantage of their visit to give a shirt with the number 27 of the Spanish team to the president of the Eurochamber, who celebrated having seen them, along with their teammates, “break stereotypes, score goals and, never better said, achieve their goals” ( goals, in its English translation).

“His victory is a reminder that nothing can stop the path to progress, to success. Work, ambition and determination are qualities that help overcome any obstacle,” said Metsola, who nevertheless asked MEPs to help “change the chip” of society so that it is “easier for women to overcome unfair obstacles in his path”.