Home Sports "It’s not just a feeling… it’s that we are closer to Red Bull"

"It’s not just a feeling… it’s that we are closer to Red Bull"

"It’s not just a feeling… it’s that we are closer to Red Bull"

EThey are close to pole again in Maranello, something common in recent years, but something has changed this time, there is a car for long runs, the distance is shorter with the untouchable Red Bull. Good results already in three different circuits, Leclerc is starting to fly, even a debutant like Bearman was seventh, Sainz today 3rd without being one hundred percent physically… Is there an SF-24 to dream about?

“It’s not just a feeling. Last year in Jeddah, in the race, we were a second behind. And this season we are maybe four tenths behind. Without a doubt, we are much closer to Red Bull than a year ago,” Fred Vasseur said today in Melbourne, who is proud of the first car entirely under his command.

“But we are still behind. The business is to be first, not second or far behind. Without a doubt, we are in the right direction. We have to continue developing, but we are still behind,” he clarifies, although he comes from another interesting uproar.

“We intend to take an aggressive approach with the aim of putting pressure on the team that wins the first two races”. And Australia seems like the first step after the two podiums in the first two races, one from Sainz and the other from Leclerc, and being de facto the second current team in the championship.

Ferrari takes other accounts

Although this season seems like more of the same, for Maranello the story has another start and another development. “We started out as the fourth best team last year and ended up fighting for second place in the championship. So, over the next few months, our only objective is to make up ground on the current leaders,” says Enrico Cardile, chassis technical director. In fact, they were the only ones to defeat Red Bull with Carlos Sainz in September.

The correlation is correct between tunnel and track, they know the weak points, where to attack the improvements knowing that the parts will work and with two podiums, there is a progression curve for the SF24 compared to last year’s car. From the pre-season tests and the first two races, “We have overtaken the other important teams,” they add, “but it is still not enough, Red Bull is still faster.”

The goal in the factory is to quickly find performance in the wind tunnel and bring constant updates to the track as quickly as possible. If they don’t miss something important, they will be there all year.