Home Sports "It’s more Pecco’s fault than Marc’s, right?"

"It’s more Pecco’s fault than Marc’s, right?"

"It’s more Pecco’s fault than Marc’s, right?"

Nit is easy for a pilot judge to another after a controversial action that ends in what the competitors want the least: an accident. Therefore, some did not want to get too ‘wet’ in the match between Marc Mrquez and Pecco Bagnaia in Portimao, which ended with both of them on the ground.

However, almost everyone who did it was clear: a racing incident, yes, but with the Italian who could have done something more to avoid it.

His partner at the VR46 Academy, Luca Marini, was one of those who didn’t get into the subject much. “It’s hard to say anything. It seems like a racing incident“, he simply stated.

Neither Jorge Martín It was very emphatic. “That’s racing. It’s difficult. At a moment like that, with three laps to go, you always try to counterattack when the driver who passed you goes wide. On Saturday, Marc passed me there and I decided not to fight back and we emerged unscathed.“But today they had a fall,” he said.

lex, ‘partial’

A lex Mrquez, as the brother of one of those involved, it was difficult for him to be objective. “It’s difficult, if I give my opinion not be impartial. It’s more Pecco’s fault, right? In the end, you know that the other driver is going long. From here on, if he went more or less strongly or was also out of line with Pecco, it is the Race Direction who has to decide,” he indicated.

Alex, of course

One of the clearest, as always, was Aleix Espargar, which summarizes the general feeling. “A racing incidentIn the end, it is a corner where things happen every year, but I think Pecco should have given him more space, he was very aggressive after Marc passed him. There are times when they overtake you, it is frustrating, but you can’t try so aggressively“I think I should have left him more space,” he said.

Look, in detail

Joan Mir, Marc’s former partner, gave more details of what a participant on the motorcycle experiences in an action like this. “It’s the typical thing, that when you overtake, because the other is very optimistic, he opens the gas, you collide and if you’re lucky, when you are returning the position you throw the other, but in this case both of them have fallen. I think that it was a career move, that it can happen, but that no one should be penalized. In this case, the Marc has been harmed. I think Marc was not to blame, he was on the outside and Pecco turned on the gas. “You can imagine, as a pilot, that when someone overtakes you, when you turn back and turn on the gas you are going to find him,” he assured.

Of course, the Balearic admitted that he, in the Ilerdense’s place, would have been pissed off. “Of course I would have been angrybut then you analyze it and in racing we want this, that these types of things are not censored either because it is what life gives us and it is what we like,” zanj.