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Italy and England race for the fifth Champions League spot

Italy and England race for the fifth Champions League spot

UOne of the main novelties of the 2024-25 Champions League is that, beyond the format (which already has its merits), it is the extra motivation of knowing Which two federations will get an extra place for the next edition. And with the change in format and the increase in teams, The two countries that add the most points to the UEFA Ranking this season will obtain an extra ticket to the Champions League.

But… how does it work? It is very simple. These places, officially called ‘European Performance Places’, will be achieved based on the performance accumulated throughout the season in the three UEFA competitions: Champions, Europa League and Conference. To measure it, they are based on the total number of coefficient points achieved by each team in a country, divided by the number of clubs that have presented, as established in Annex D of the UEFA regulations.

From oh Points are added for victory, draw and for passing rounds. With this context, Spain is disadvantaged despite having three teams in the Champions League quarterfinals due to the early elimination of Osasuna in the Conference League qualifier or the subsequent elimination of Sevilla in the group stage of the Champions League.

As is the rnking UEFA

  1. Italy – 17,713 points (4/7 clubs)
  2. Germany – 16,356 (3/7)
  3. England – 16,250 (5/8)
  4. France – 14,750 (3/6)
  5. Spain – 14,437 (3/8)

According to advanced statistics and OPTA probability, Italy is the one that has it the easiest with almost 80% probability. All thanks to the good performance of their clubs in the Europa League and Conference. Right now Roma will benefit, as they will qualify fifth in Serie A.

At the same time, The Premier has cut many points from the Bundesliga despite losing to Brighton in the round of 16 of the Europa League (precisely against Roma). West Ham won the direct duel with Freiburg and OPTA rates Dortmund in the Champions League with a low percentage of success.

Everything seems to indicate that Between Italy, Germany and England, these extra cups will be available for 2024-25.

Those classified for the quarterfinals of the Champions League, Europa League and Conference