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It cannot be said that the amount of dengue will decrease: Tajul Islam

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Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives Minister Tajul Islam said that it cannot be said that the amount of dengue will decrease. He said this to the journalists at the first meeting of the National Committee on Prevention of Dengue and other mosquito-borne diseases at 11:00 today on Wednesday in the conference room of the Ministry.

At that time, Minister Tajul Islam said, ‘We use only environmentally friendly pesticides. We started importing it from 2019. In the meantime, some other pesticides have been discovered that are more effective and less harmful to the environment. We are already encouraging various people to import them commercially. Our city corporations are using it to a limited extent.’

Referring to the one-year action plan, the minister said, ‘We have a program every year. We are all sitting together to identify whether we have any new threats for this year.’

About the dengue infection, the minister said, ‘It has been infected all over Bangladesh. It cannot be said that its amount will decrease.

Tajul Islam said, ‘There are three thousand people for Dhaka to spray pesticides. We can make that arrangement outside Dhaka as well. Arranging to do this with volunteers. The Union Parishad should also be made aware of this. A disaster may strike suddenly. Now everyone knows about covid. Everyone needs public awareness for that.’

It should be noted that according to the data published by the Department of Health, the number of dengue cases from January 1 to December 23, 2023 is 320 thousand 272. Among them, 1 lakh 9 thousand 776 people are infected in Dhaka city, 2 lakh 10 thousand 496 people outside Dhaka city. The number of deaths till 2023 (December 23) was 1 thousand 693 people.

Meanwhile, dengue patients are also detected in winter. In January, 607 people were diagnosed with dengue across the country. Four people died. But no dengue patient has died in January in the last 20 years. This time detection is almost 10 times more.


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