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Israeli youth jailed for refusing to go to war in Gaza

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An Israeli youth protested against the Palestinian independence group Hamas. The Israeli army sentenced him to 30 days in prison for this crime. Quoting the Times of Israel, Geo News reported that the young man’s name is Tal Mitnik.

Tal Mitnik, 18, refused to join the army citing political reasons, the Israeli army said. Because of this, he was sentenced to one month.

The war between Israel and Hamam started on October 7. In the last two and a half months since then, Mitnick has become the first person to be sentenced for objecting to going to war.

In this regard, Mitnik said in a video post on social media X that violence cannot be answered with violence. I do not believe that the solution to Hamas’ atrocities can be achieved by attacking Gaza. Atrocity can never be the solution to atrocity. This is why I objected to going to war.

Mitnik strongly criticized the attack on Gaza, saying that the Israeli army is taking revenge not only against Hamas, but against the entire Palestinian population.

Mitnik’s video was posted on X by an organization called Meservot. It opposes compulsory military service.

Every Israeli citizen is required to serve several years in the Israeli army. If anyone objects to this service, there is provision for imprisonment. But if one can show proper reason for health or mental problem, it is not compulsory for him to join.
Qatar-based media Al-Jazeera reported in a report that at least 21,320 people have been killed in Gaza since October 7. 55 thousand 603 people were injured.

On the other hand, Israel claimed that 1,200 people were killed in Israel by Hamas attacks. In addition, Hamas forces took 242 hostages.


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