Home News ‘Israeli soldiers sprinkled cigarettes on their faces’

‘Israeli soldiers sprinkled cigarettes on their faces’

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Three Palestinian brothers detained by Israeli soldiers have complained that they and other prisoners were inhumanely tortured by Israeli soldiers while they were in captivity. They made these allegations in an interview given to Reuters recently.

The names of the three Palestinian brothers are Sovi Yassin, Saadi and Ibrahim. They are now in a shelter in the southern Gaza city of Rafah. Before that they were detained by Israeli soldiers.

The three brothers complained to Reuters that the Israeli soldiers beat them, stripped them naked and smoked cigarettes. They even urinated on the body.

Reuters reported that many more Palestinians sheltering in refugee camps have accused Israeli forces of physical torture and ill-treatment. However, Reuters could not verify the truth of those allegations.

Meanwhile, a statement issued by the Israel Defense Forces spokesperson said that operations are being conducted in Gaza to wipe out Hamas. Apart from this, one of the objectives of this operation is to free the Israeli hostages in the hands of Hamas.

The Israel Defense Forces claims that those detained in its hands are not being treated in a way that violates international law. However, they are asked to change their clothes to ensure that they are not carrying weapons or explosives on their bodies.

Sobhi, Saadi and Ibrahim’s home in the Zeitoun area in northern Gaza. There they worked as daily wage workers. They were captured by Israeli soldiers from Zeitoun.

Referring to the painful experience of that time, Sobhi said, ‘They forced us into a truck. When we were not about to get up, they took us to an open area and smoked cigarettes on our bodies. Then they urinate on us.

“They (Israeli soldiers) detained me and put me in a garbage truck,” Saadi said. They arrested many others. If someone protested a little, they would beat him.

Another brother Ibrahim said, they took me blindfolded. Didn’t sleep all night. He stood there for hours.

After about two weeks, the three brothers were released by the Israeli forces at the Shalom crossing at separate times. After walking a few kilometers from there, they came to Rafah area and took shelter in this refugee camp.

At least 21,320 people have been killed in Gaza since October 7. 55 thousand 603 people were injured.

On the other hand, Israel claimed that 1,200 people were killed in Israel by Hamas attacks. In addition, Hamas forces took 242 hostages.


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