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Israeli army shot dead mother and daughter in Gaza church

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A member of the Israeli army shot and killed a mother and daughter in a church in Gaza. The incident took place in a Catholic church in Gaza yesterday, Saturday. This was reported by the Indian media NDTV with reference to the news agency AFP.

In a statement, the Latin Patriarchate of Gaza said that an Israeli army sniper shot and killed two Christian women at the Holy Family Church in Gaza on Saturday afternoon. Christian families have taken refuge in this church since the start of the Hamas-Israel war.

It also said Nahida and her daughter Samar were shot dead while on their way to the Sisters’ Convent. After killing one, another was trying to take him to a safe place. Another person was also killed at this time. However, the age of the deceased is not known. Apart from this, 7 more people were injured while trying to save the victims in this incident, it is mentioned in the statement.

The Latin Patriarchate of Gaza claims that the Israeli forces did not give any warning before this incident. This murder was carried out in cold blood in Girjapalli.

On October 7, Israel launched a counter-attack on Gaza after Gaza’s armed independence organization Hamas attacked Israel. More than 1,000 Israelis have been killed in Hamas attacks so far. And about twenty thousand people of Gaza have lost their lives in the Israeli attack.


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