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Israel wants to launch a ground operation at the Rafah crossing

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Israel has been operating in the south for a long time after the northern Gaza. This time there are indications of a ground operation in the Rafah crossing area of ​​the Egyptian border in the valley. An influx of Palestinian refugees into Egypt could occur if Israeli forces begin a ground operation in the buffer zone known as the Philadelphia Corridor.

Israel’s Defense Minister Yeov Galant said on Thursday, “Our operation in Khan Yunis is coming to an end successfully. Now we will go to Rafah. Hamas must be finished there.’

An almost similar news was broadcast on Israel’s military radio that day. It has been claimed that Israel has talked with Egypt about conducting operations in the Philadelphia Corridor. The Israeli army will start operations there soon.

Earlier, on January 29, various international media claimed that Israel’s Shin Bet director Ronen Barr went to Egypt to discuss the operation in the Philadelphia Corridor. He met with the head of Egypt’s intelligence agency, Abbas Kamel.

The Egyptian government has not yet made any public statement on this matter. However, the Egyptian news agency The Al-Cahira News reported contradicting the Israeli radio’s claim. A top Egyptian official told Al-Qahira News that no such agreement was made. There is no possibility. Because it is very sensitive for the security of Egypt. The official also said that if Israel wants to take possession of the Philadelphia corridor again, the relationship between the two countries may be threatened.

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