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Israel has found the biggest tunnel of Hamas

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Israel’s military claims to have found the largest tunnel of the Palestinian armed group Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The location of this tunnel is said to be near the border area of ​​Gaza. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) says the tunnel is only a few hundred meters from the border area.

The news agency Reuters says, Israel has also informed what is inside this tunnel. The IDF says the inside of the tunnel is quite large. A vehicle can easily move through it. This underground tunnel is about 4 kilometers long.

The Israel Defense Forces say such a tunnel could take years to build. It can cost crores of rupees. Mohamed Yahya was the mastermind behind the construction of such a large tunnel. He is the brother of Hamas chief Yahya Sinwar. This Yahya Sinwar is the mastermind behind the Hamas rocket attack on Israel on October 7.

Israel said the walls of this tunnel are made of concrete and iron. The IDF says that small vehicles used to bring fighters to the border area along this route. Its depth is 50 meters. It is 10 feet high inside.

“This is the biggest tunnel we’ve found so far,” said Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, Israel’s chief military spokesman. However, it was not reported whether this tunnel was used in the October 7 attack.

When asked about this from Hamas, they did not comment.

According to sources, Hamas has about 40,000 fighters. They can move around Gaza using a vast network of tunnels hundreds of kilometers long and up to 80 meters deep. Hamas has been building this ‘tunnel’ network for years.

Several sources familiar with Hamas tunnels told Reuters news agency that there are several types of tunnels in Gaza. They are used for attacks, weapons storage and smuggling. The tunnels built in Gaza are believed to be at least 100 feet below the surface and their entrances are in homes, mosques, schools or buildings where people gather. They use them mainly to prevent the identification of members of armed groups.


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