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Israel-Hamas are again discussing the ceasefire

Israel-Hamas are again discussing the ceasefire

The representatives of Israel and Hamas started the cease-fire talks on the Gaza issue in Doha, the capital of Qatar. Al Jazeera reported this information citing US and Israeli media.

Two Israeli officials, who did not wish to be named, said that David Barnia, the head of the country’s intelligence agency Mossad, led Israel’s side in the ceasefire negotiations. On the other hand, the delegation of Qatar and Egypt led by Qatari Prime Minister Mohammad bin Abdul Rahman Al-Thani is mediating on behalf of Hamas.

A senior Israeli official said this year’s ceasefire talks could last as long as two weeks. The Israeli delegation will discuss all aspects of the Gaza war with the mediators. He also said that the Israeli delegation will be in Doha this whole time.

The Israeli official added, ‘The team of mediators and the Israeli delegation will both be in separate parts of a compound in Doha. The ceasefire negotiations are going to be a long and complicated process. We want to try to do a deal until the last minute.’

The Times of Israel reported that ceasefire talks had already begun. Barnia may return to Israel after the meeting today, but the Israeli delegation will remain in Doha.

Al Jazeera reported that no comment was received from Hamas or the mediation group representing Hamas.

Earlier this month, the ceasefire in Gaza was discussed in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. But Israel did not participate in that discussion.

At the time, senior Hamas leader Basim Naim said they had presented their proposal to the mediator countries while the talks were ongoing and were awaiting Israel’s response.

But Israel has demanded a list of hostages, both living and dead, still in Gaza. However, this is impossible without a ceasefire, said a Hamas spokesman. As for the reason, Naim said, ‘The hostages are scattered in different areas in Gaza. And they are detained by multiple groups.

On October 7 last year, the Palestinian independence armed organization Hamas attacked Israel. Israel said that 1 thousand 200 people were killed. In addition, Hamas members took about 240 hostages from Israel. Since then, Israeli forces have been attacking the Gaza Strip indiscriminately.

According to the Ministry of Health of Gaza, 31 thousand 645 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli attacks since October 7 of last year. Most of the dead were women and children. Apart from this, more than 2 million people have become homeless.