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Israel gets ‘license to kill’: Arab League

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The Secretary General of the Arab League, Ahmed Abul Ghait, has commented that Israel has received a ‘license’ to kill Palestinians through the failure of the UN Security Council on the issue of a permanent ceasefire in Gaza. Middle East media Arab News reported this information.

On December 22, the United Nations organized a resolution to end the local war in Gaza. But only the ‘Gaza resolution’ was passed due to the United States vetoing the UN Security Council permanent member. The resolution only calls for increased humanitarian aid to Gaza. The proposal was pending for more than a long week.

In a press conference yesterday, Abul Ghait said that the humanitarian disaster in Gaza has reached its peak. In such a situation, the international community should have been more vocal in stopping this war.

On October 7, Hamas fighters ambushed Israel’s northern Erez border. Then the Israeli air force started operations in Gaza from that day. Later, the ground forces also joined the operation from October 28.

More than 20,000 Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza Strip, which has been reduced to rubble by Israeli forces for more than two months. 70 percent of these victims are women, children, minors, adolescents and the elderly. Along with that, another 52 thousand 586 people were injured and 6 thousand 700 people are still missing. In addition, thousands of families have lost their housing and have taken shelter in various schools, government institutions and hospital premises.

Analysts believe that by avoiding the issue of ceasefire in such a situation, the international community has pushed Gaza towards the ultimate humanitarian disaster.

Meanwhile, after the northern and southern areas, Israel is intensifying its ground operations in the central part of Gaza. Palestinian casualties occurred in a bomb attack on Nuseirat camp in the area last Friday. Residents told to leave central Gaza. However, in Khan Younis, a fierce battle is going on with the Israeli forces, the fight of Hamas fighters. The Israeli prime minister has repeatedly said that they will not end the war until Hamas is eliminated.

On the other hand, Hamas also continued to counterattack against Israeli forces. They also said that they will continue the war to protect their territory.


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