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Israel destroyed 104 mosques in Gaza

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The largest and 1500-year-old al-Omari mosque in Gaza was destroyed by Israeli bombing. Hamas released pictures of the ruins of the mosque on Friday. Israel has destroyed 104 mosques since the start of the attack on Gaza on October 7. Hamas calls on UNESCO to preserve heritage.

The Great Omari Mosque was built in the heart of Gaza City in the seventh century. The mosque was named after the second Caliph of Islam, Hazrat Umar (RA).

Gazans believe this traditional Islamic architecture as a lighthouse. According to them, not only for Muslims, its historical importance has a deep impact on the heart of any human being.

This mosque was damaged in several conflicts at different times. It is also damaged by earthquakes. But every time it is built anew. But the Israeli aggression that has been going on since October 7 has not saved the end. Al Omari mosque has also been razed to the ground in one attack after another. Only the minaret of the one and a half year old mosque has survived.

Apart from Al Omari Mosque, Israel has destroyed 104 mosques in Gaza so far. At the same time, many traditional signs have been destroyed. Among them is the 2,000-year-old St. Porphyrus Church. Israel also hit the world’s third oldest Roman cemetery and museum.

The Palestinian independence movement Hamas has called the targeting and destruction of archaeological sites a heinous, barbaric crime. They called on UNESCO to protect the heritage from Israeli aggression.


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