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Israel demands the destruction of Hamas military infrastructure in northern Gaza

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Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari claimed the destruction of a Hamas military infrastructure in northern Gaza. He told reporters on Saturday, “Hamas terrorists are now operating sporadically without their commander.”

In addition, Daniel Hagari claimed to kill about 8 thousand fighters of Hamas. However, the British media BBC said they could not immediately verify the authenticity of the murder claim.

Daniel Hagari added that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is now focused on completely wiping out Hamas in southern Gaza and central Gaza.

Meanwhile, the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry said Israel has killed more than 22,000 Palestinians since the war began on October 7 last year. More than 120 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks in the last 24 hours alone. In addition, most of the 2.3 million people living in Gaza have been displaced.

Israel claimed that on October 7, Hamas terrorists attacked southern Israel and killed 1,200 people. In addition, 240 people were taken hostage. Meanwhile, some hostages were released during the cease-fire with the consent of both sides, but 120 hostages are still held by Hamas.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday reiterated his determination to eliminate Hamas. “We have to put everything aside until we achieve total victory in Gaza,” he said. Our operations will continue until we have completely eliminated Hamas, returned our hostages, and ensured that Gaza is no longer a threat to Israelis.


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