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Israel agrees to a temporary ceasefire in Gaza, but…

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Israel is willing to go to a temporary ceasefire in Gaza, the country’s President Isaac Herzog said. However, as a condition for this, he mentioned the release of Israeli hostages held by Hamas.

Qatar-based media Al Jazeera reported that Isaac Herzog had a meeting with the diplomats of different countries on Tuesday. In the meeting, he said, Israel is ready to implement another temporary ceasefire, but for this, the hostages held by Hamas must be released.

Israeli forces have been carrying out indiscriminate attacks on Gaza for more than two months. Many people have already been injured. Millions of people have been displaced. In such a situation, international pressure is increasing on Israel to stop the attack on Gaza.

Earlier, Israel implemented a seven-day temporary ceasefire brokered by Qatar and Egypt. Hamas released 86 women and children. On the other hand, Israel has released 240 Palestinians held in their prisons.

After that, the Prime Minister of Qatar, Mohammad bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, held a meeting in Poland last Monday regarding a new ceasefire. Israeli intelligence agency Mossad director David Barnia and US intelligence agency CIA chief Bill Barnes were present at the meeting.

A source close to the meeting told Reuters news agency that there were positive discussions about the ceasefire.

Meanwhile, Hamas said in a statement on Tuesday that if the Israeli forces continue to carry out massacres like this, then there will be no discussion about the release of prisoners. But any initiative to keep border crossings open for aid to reach Palestinians would be welcomed.


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