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Isa Pantoja, between two mothers: whose heart is hers?

Isa Pantoja, between two mothers: whose heart is hers?

A storm is brewing in the Pantoja clan. The exact date is not yet known, but in just a month and a half, Roxana Luque, Isa’s biological mother, will travel to Spain with the intention of seeing her daughter and exchanging impressions with Isabel Pantoja. Neither one nor the other wants to know anything about this Peruvian woman of humble origins who intends to run for congressional elections in her country in 2026.

Roxana has made it very clear: «I want to go to Spain and I intend to visit Cantora. My dream is to meet my daughter. Hopes of contacting her are never lost, seeing her and hugging her…” A source close to Isa reminds us that the tonadillera’s adopted daughter “doesn’t think of dating this woman. He insists on affirming, even though he now has no contact with her, that his mother is Isabel. He already made it very clear in an interview in the now defunct “Deluxe” and he has not changed his mind.

Even so, the Peruvian is very clear that she will not throw in the towel. And she clarifies that her only interest is to start a relationship, undoubtedly from a distance, with the daughter she gave up for adoption when she was just a baby, due to the impossibility of supporting her financially. Over time she has followed Isa’s life path and she knows the details of her existence thanks to the media. She forgets that a few years ago she already expressed the idea of ​​her and her daughter’s response was for her not to look for her because she was closed off from getting to know her.

Now the reality would be far from a simple and emotional maternal-filial meeting, since in the middle there would be a juicy exclusive on television and in a magazine. The topic has enough morbidity to capture the attention of the audience and readers. Isa found out about her adoption because “my friends at school told me. And it was a ‘shock’, I didn’t expect it, I always thought that my biological mother was Isabel Pantoja. “My mother called me from prison when she found out that Roxana Luque wanted to come to Spain for the first time and that she had given an interview to television.”

At the time, Isa acknowledged in a “Deluxe”: “I should not meet Roxana Luque because I think I would betray my mother Isabel if I did. And it’s not like I can facilitate that meeting.

In “La Casa Fuerte” he also revealed why he ignored Roxana’s appearance in that “Readings” interview. «I didn’t want to know anything about her because, if you really want to find me, you have my phone, you know where to find me. What my mother told me was that if Roxana had come to Madrid and said “I want to talk to my daughter”, she would not have told that woman no, but instead she would answer “thank you for the daughter I have”. “The problem was how he expressed himself in his interview.”

Roxana resides in the Peruvian town of Arequipa, and her standard of living seems to be much better than when she separated from her daughter. She resumed her high school studies and intends to become a nurse. Her final wish is to obtain a seat in Congress in order to “defend all those who find themselves in precarious situations.” “That is my goal, to help the most disadvantaged.”

«My childhood was very hard, very precarious. I lived with my parents, there were many siblings and my parents couldn’t give us all the comforts. My mother was a housewife, my father worked as a construction worker, his salary was very low and he could not support us all. There was a lot of love and we were happy, but economically our situation was very precarious,” she explained in another interview. And he added: «I am happy to know that Isa has had a much better life than mine. I think about her every day and I understand that today it is in the hands of God and my daughter that we have, at least, a dream relationship of friendship. I do not intend to usurp the role of Isabel Pantoja, but I think I also deserve that Isa has me in her heart.

From Cantora we get the impression that “the doors of the farm will not open for this woman. At this point in life, Isabel is very clear about it. Focused on her upcoming concerts, she doesn’t want new problems in her life. “She has enough with the Treasury and with the violations against her children.”