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Is there profit or loss in the deal worth 14 thousand crore rupees?

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In the last five years, Manchester United has not tasted any title other than the League Cup. There is still one match left in 2023, but the ‘achievement’ of losing 20 matches has been achieved. Red Devils fans may have forgotten the last time they had a good time.

It has also been ten years since they last lifted the Premier League title. United have never started so poorly in the Premier League’s 93-year history.

The club’s owners, the Glazer family, were so angry that the supporters campaigned to oust them. Although not completely successful, they got some good news yesterday. Sir Jim Ratcliffe has announced the purchase of 25 percent of United’s ownership.

According to Sky Sports reports, Ineos Group, owned by Ratcliffe, had to spend 120 million pounds or about 14 thousand crore rupees to get a quarter of United’s shares. And the footballing aspects of the club will now be looked after by the Ineos Group.

The big question now is what United will actually get from the change in ownership. That’s what this report analyzes for Independent TV readers.

Share Type:

The matter is somewhat complicated. Earlier in 2005, the Glazer family in the United States bought 69 percent of United’s ownership for about 79 million pounds. However, they own 97 percent of all voting shares. This means that all major decision-making powers at the club are limited to the Glazer family.

These shares with voting power are called ‘B’ class. Ratcliffe originally bought 25 percent of these shares.

On the other hand, the shares of United in the stock exchange are called ‘A’ class shares. Ratcliffe and Ineos Group are also interested in buying 25 percent of ‘A’ shares. And Ratcliffe wants to pay $33 for this share (at the beginning of today the market price is $19.65). The club’s board has advised those holding shares on the stock exchange to accept Ratcliffe’s offer.

Ratcliffe’s profit by buying shares:

Ratcliffe will now be in charge of United’s football operations. That means everything related to football will be looked after by Ratcliffe’s Ineos Group. It makes sense for Ratcliffe to take over from the Glazer family by buying only 25 percent ownership.

Ever since Sir Alex Ferguson left United, success on the field has declined. Financially, the club has become one of the biggest brands in the world but could not show any of it on the field. The Glazer family did not get results after appointing coaches, players and sports directors one after the other.

Now leaving the responsibility to the Ineos Group means that the Glazers have admitted that they have failed and are no longer responsible for football’s failure. The fans’ love or anger for the club’s success or failure – all will be on Ratcliffe’s forehead from now on.

Ratcliffe’s background in football:

Ratcliffe has supported many grassroots clubs near the Ineos Group headquarters in Switzerland. Earlier, this billionaire also bought the French club Nice. His aim is to compete with PSG and play in the Champions League. Nice are second in the points table so far this season.

Ratcliffe’s thoughts on United:

Having seen success in business, Ratcliffe also wants to be successful in football. Ratcliffe wants to improve United’s coaching panel, recruitment, data analysis, nutritional food, practice and overall areas by a few percent. According to him, if everything can be improved even by a few percent, the overall club will improve. It will bring back United’s lost heritage.

Stadium Renovation:

Ratcliffe wants to spend £158 million on United’s stadium if the ownership deal is finalized. But the money is too little to renovate Old Trafford’s quality stadium.

At the moment, Tottenham’s stadium is considered one of the best stadiums in the world. It cost over £100 million to build. Some stadiums in the United States have cost more than 200 crores.

Opponents’ thoughts on new ownership:

Jimmy Ratcliffe can be a great businessman. But he is still clumsy in football. Even bought back only 25 percent ownership of United. So clubs like Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal or Tottenham have no reason to worry about him yet.


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