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Is Israel reducing the number of deaths of soldiers?

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The Palestinian independence armed group Hamas launched a rocket attack on Israel on October 7. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) began attacking the Gaza Strip soon after. Then on October 27, the ground campaign began. The IDF reported the death toll of 487 Israeli soldiers till Sunday in the conflict that lasted for more than two and a half months.

How true is this information about the death of Israeli soldiers? Is Israel publishing false information to show its strength in this fight with Hamas in the Gaza Strip? These questions are being raised now.

West Asia-based online media The Cradle recently published a report on this. According to reporter William Van Wagenen, the IDF has a lot of advantages if the Israeli army casualties are much lower than the Hamas army casualties in Gaza. They want to imply that Israel did not suffer much in the war. And there will be a tacit consent to continue the fight from the allied countries including America. In addition, the Israelis will also agree to it.

That’s what the Israeli military might want. And that is why there may be a tendency among them to underestimate the number of Israeli soldiers killed. Because Israel is in dire straits to get rid of Hamas and the Palestinians and resettle in the Gaza Strip.

Reporter William van Wagenen believes that if the number of Israeli soldiers killed in the conflict with Hamas is alarming, then there may be pressure from the international community to stop their ‘genocide’. More pressure will come from the White House.

‘Sneaking Up’ on Israeli Damages
Anadolu news agency says that the IDF has reported the death of 487 Israeli soldiers in the conflict since October 7. According to the online media The Cradle, since the beginning of the ground operation in Gaza on October 27 until December 17, 121 Israeli soldiers have been killed.

But it is very difficult to verify how true these facts are. But it is believed to be false. Because Israel has to gain momentum in the battle with Hamas. The comments of the former commander of the Golani Brigade, which recently fought in Gaza, indicate that.

“We are entering the most resistant areas, where there are many troops in enemy camps,” said Tomar Greenberg, commander of the 13th battalion of the Golani brigade.

Commander Tomar Greenberg had hoped for victory before the operation in the Sujaiya area of ​​the Gaza Strip. But he is no longer alive. According to a source in the Israeli military, he died during an operation on December 12. At this time there were 9 more Israeli soldiers.

Israel could not benefit from three raids there. It was not possible to bring the bodies of many. At that time, Hamas released a threatening statement. It reads, ‘The longer you stay here, the more troops you will lose. You have to return with losses.’

More Israeli soldiers were killed in Sujaiya area, according to various sources. Security expert Miri Eisin, a former high-ranking officer of the Israeli military, says that many high-ranking military officers were killed on December 12. Israel has suffered a lot.

And after this opinion, a former US soldier questioned whether the number of Israeli soldiers killed on social media is correct. The answer came from Hamas.

Hamas claimed that 11 Israeli soldiers were killed by Qassam Brigades on December 12. This is consistent with Israel’s data. But the trouble lies elsewhere. On the same day, Hamas said that 10 Israeli soldiers were killed in Khan Yunis and 20 in Sheikh Radwan. Apart from this, they also demanded the killing of 15 Israeli soldiers in the area called Abu Rashid Pole.

By this calculation, at least 50 Israelis were killed that day. Most of them are supposed to be on the dead list. But Israel says the number is no more than ten.

Relatives of some Israeli soldiers at the funeral.  Recently at the Haifa Cemetery in Israel.  Photo: Reuters Censorship of media and hospitals
Tel Aviv claims to be the only democracy in the Middle East. But Israel does not allow anyone to ask questions on security issues. In a military incident, only as much information as is released from the forces can be disseminated. No question can be asked about it. Even from the hospital, there are measures in place to prevent the spread of information.

Not only has such action been taken since the October Hamas attack. During the Al Aqsa Flood operation, 41 Israeli soldiers were killed by Hamas. But Israel did not give much information about it. Even the number of Israeli soldiers killed in the years-long Hamas-Israel conflict is not disclosed by the IDF.

The IDF said 58 Israeli police were killed in a Hamas attack on the Nova music festival. In addition to the attack by Hamas, there was also an attack on the Lebanese border. A total of 115 soldiers died. But Lebanon’s armed group Hezbollah says the number is much lower. At least 35 people died in their attack. 172 were injured. But this number is claimed by Israel to be 19, which is half of the actual number.

These soldiers are also young. Most are under 20 years of age. Israel is believed to have been forced to send inexperienced troops. At one point, an Israeli army even admitted the death toll of 36. But some in the force say they know more. Unable to tell the truth to avoid job loss and arrest.

What the Director of Mount Herz Military Cemetery said on November 18 is even more suspicious. The man, David Oren Baruch, said there were multiple funerals every hour. Everyone is busy making new tombs. Need more space. It has happened that in 48 hours more than half a hundred funerals have been done here.

An Israeli soldier is singing while sitting on the battlefield.  Recently taken.  Photo: Reuters Military control
The Israeli military was unable to release information on military casualties in the conflict. They were forced to withdraw from this position on December 10. Because the number of dead in the hospital and the number of beds in the grave did not match. The media say that every hour someone from the military is seen roaming around the hospital. The number of casualties will be said, they give it correctly.

Israeli media Yedioth Adronath reported in a report on December 9 that more than 60 wounded soldiers are being admitted to the rehabilitation center every day. So far more than 2 thousand soldiers have been injured. About 60 percent of them were seriously wounded. The IDF does not release information on the deaths of these soldiers.

More than 20,000 Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza Strip, which has been reduced to rubble by Israeli forces for more than two months. 70 percent of these victims are women, children, minors, adolescents and the elderly. Along with that, another 52 thousand 586 people were injured and 6 thousand 700 people are still missing. Apart from this, thousands of families lost their housing and took shelter in various schools, government institutions and hospital premises.

Hamas is still fighting. However, it is believed that no one is revealing the exact information of how many Israeli soldiers are dying in their hands. The Israeli forces themselves are not doing it. US military officials are also shaken by this. Because of this, it is not clear whether Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will fall under any new pressure.


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