Home News Iraq repatriated 625 people from Syria’s Haul camp, where jihadist families also live

Iraq repatriated 625 people from Syria’s Haul camp, where jihadist families also live

Iraq repatriated 625 people from Syria’s Haul camp, where jihadist families also live

Nearly 160 Iraqi families have been repatriated from Syria’s Haul camp, home to tens of thousands of people, including family members of suspected jihadists, Iraqi government sources said on Sunday. We inform about it according to the AFP news agency.

More than 43,000 Syrians, Iraqis and other foreigners from at least 45 countries are housed in this squalid and overcrowded camp in Kurdish-dominated northeastern Syria. In addition to refugees, relatives of suspected members of the Islamic State extremist group are housed in the Haul camp.

As part of the latest repatriation, 157 families – or 625 people – returned to Iraq on Saturday, said Ali Abbas, a spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Migration.

Upon arrival in Iraq, authorities typically detain Haul returnees for several weeks or even months at a “psychological rehabilitation” facility in Jada, south of Mosul, where they also undergo security checks.

Iraqi National Security Adviser Qasim Araji said on March 2 that more than 1,920 Iraqi families had been relocated to Jadah by then. That number includes 1,230 families who have been allowed to return home, he added.

The repatriation of family members of suspected IS members has sparked controversy in Iraq, where the group seized large swaths of territory before its defeat in late 2017. Some Iraqis oppose these efforts, saying they do not want the families of IS members among them.

Nevertheless, Baghdad regularly repatriates its citizens from the Haul camp, a policy appreciated by both the United Nations and the United States. Despite the territorial defeat, Islamic State militants continue to attack civilians and security forces in both Iraq and Syria.

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