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Iran’s drone attack on ships off the Indian coast, US claims

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After the Red Sea, there has been a drone attack on a cargo ship on the Indian coast of the Arabian Sea. America is claiming that Iran carried out this attack. Such a claim was made in a statement by the headquarters of the US Department of Defense. However, no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

This is the first time since the war between Israel and Hamas that the United States has directly blamed Iran for an attack.

According to the report of Indian media NDTV, the drone attack was carried out at 10 am local time in India on Saturday. There were no casualties in the attack on the Japanese-owned chemical tanker. Maritime security firm Ambre said the Liberian-flagged chemical tanker had Israeli ties.

According to the British media BBC, the ship was attacked off the coast of Gujarat, the western state of India. After the attack, the ship caught fire in the explosion. Although the ship’s structure was damaged in the fire, all the crew of about 20 on board were unharmed.

Meanwhile, the US military said that they are continuing to communicate with the attacked ship. The Indian Navy also said it responded to a request for assistance from the stricken vessel.

Israel’s attack on Gaza has resulted in several cargo ships in the Red Sea being hit by rockets and drone attacks by Yemen’s Houthi rebels. Meanwhile, the attack happened in the Arabian Sea.


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