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Iranian woman flogged 74 times for not wearing hijab

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A woman in Iran was flogged 74 times and fined for not wearing a hijab. This information was reported by the news agency AFP with reference to the country’s Department of Justice.

Last Saturday, the website of Iran’s Department of Justice, Mizan Online, reported that a woman named Roa Heshmati was punished for violating the hijab law. She violated Sharia law by not wearing a hijab on the busy streets of Tehran and encouraged others to do so.

Since the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, it has been mandatory for all women in the country to cover their necks and heads. But many women sometimes refuse to obey this law. In late 2022, a young woman named Masha Amini was arrested by the police for not wearing hijab and died in police custody. After that, anti-government protests intensified across the country and many women began openly flouting the hijab law. The government then became more aggressive against them and began making mass arrests.

According to Mizan Online, 33-year-old Roa Heshmati is a woman of Kurdish origin. He was flogged 74 times and fined 12 million Iranian Rials (about US$286).

Roya Heshmati’s lawyer Maziyar Tatai said that Roya was arrested for the first time in April last year after she shared a photo of herself without a headscarf on social media.


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