Home News Iran threatens to close the Mediterranean if the genocide in Gaza does not stop

Iran threatens to close the Mediterranean if the genocide in Gaza does not stop

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Iran has threatened to close the Mediterranean if Israel does not stop its genocide in Gaza. Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqbi, the top officer of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, issued this warning to America and its allies in a statement.

However, Mohammad Reza Naqbi did not give any detailed information about what kind of measures will be taken to close the Mediterranean Sea. This news was reported by the Reuters news agency on Saturday, citing Iran’s state-owned media.

Mohammad Reza Naqbi said, “Soon the Mediterranean Sea, Strait of Gibraltar and other waterways will be closed.”

Meanwhile, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi had a phone conversation with Egyptian President Sisi about the Israeli brutality in Gaza. At that time, the president of Iran referred to Israel as a big threat to the peace of the Middle East.

At the same time, Raisi reiterated the assurance of all assistance to the Palestinians in stopping the Israeli genocide. Meanwhile, Iran’s president also accused Israel of committing war crimes in Gaza with the help of the West.

It should be noted that the Gaza Strip has practically become a pile of rubble during the continuous one and a half month operation by the Israeli forces, and more than 20 thousand Palestinians have been killed. 70 percent of these victims are women, children, minors, teenagers and elderly people.

Along with that, another 52 thousand 586 people were injured and 6 thousand 700 people are still missing. Apart from this, thousands of families lost their housing and took shelter in various schools, government institutions and hospital premises.


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