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iPhone’s ‘biggest’ update is coming

by Afonso
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Apple is going to bring the ‘biggest’ update of the iPhone so far in the upcoming iOS 18 operating system. The tech giant sees iOS 18 as one of the biggest updates in the company’s history. This information was reported by Bloomberg reporter Mark German on several technology related websites.

Apple presents new iPhone updates at the World Developers Conference held every June. It was later released with the new iPhone in September.

The tech giant has long been rumored to be working on a major artificial intelligence AI update for the new operating system. According to Mark Garman, there will be a more advanced version of digital assistant Siri, a new AI that will create playlists for Apple Music, and AI assistant tools will be added to apps like Keynote, Messages, and Xcode.

According to earlier reports, the new version of Siri will have a large language model. It can now do complex tasks automatically.

Apple has long added AI features to iOS and other software. However, the company has not made any major changes since ‘ChatGPT’ created new excitement in the technology sector. In addition, Apple did not use the word ‘AI’ at all in the recent event. The tech giant is taking a slightly slower approach to concerns about user privacy and AI.


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