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Invention of new 8 varieties of rice, farmers do not know the cultivation method!

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Boro Seasonal Rice Research Institute has developed 8 new varieties of high yielding rice. But the farmers of Natore have no idea about these 5 varieties. Although the government has allocated 7000 crore rupees for the discovery of high-yielding varieties of rice and its rapid distribution among the farmers, the farmers are not getting the benefits, said those concerned.

However, according to the Rice Research Institute, new varieties of rice will become popular in the next 3 to 5 years.

On the surface, it can be seen that the farmers of Natore are busy preparing seedbeds in preparation for the planting of Boro season paddy. Fields are being filled with paddy seedlings across the district.

According to related sources, Bangladesh Rice Research Institute has discovered 8 high yielding new varieties of rice Bri-88, Bri-89, Bri 92, Bangabandhu 100, Bri-101, Bri-102, Bri-104 and Bri-105 for Boro season. However, among these 8 varieties, the farmers of Natore planted Bri 88, Bri 89, Bri-92 rice seeds on a small scale, but they have no idea about the other 5 varieties of rice. As a result, farmers are planting old varieties of rice.

Abdus Sattar, a farmer of Halti Bill, said that the Naldanga Agriculture Office had given him the new Bri-89 variety seeds. They have no idea about other castes.

Farmer Rafiq said that most paddy is cultivated in Chalanbil and Haltibil of Natore. The paddy of these two bills has to be harvested before the arrival of monsoon water. So they need more high yielding rice. However, none of them said anything about the new variety of rice. So he made the old seed bed.

Abdul Wadud, deputy director of NATO’s Department of Agricultural Extension, said that Bri-88, Bri-89, Bri-92 rice is cultivated on 12 percent of the land in the district. He said that the local agriculture department is working to spread the cultivation of other 5 varieties.

The farmers of Natore did not get the benefit even though the government allocated Tk 7 thousand crore to the Bangladesh Rice Institute in the last financial year to discover new varieties of rice and spread the seeds to the farmers quickly. Rice Research Institutes are limited to limited farmer training and limited seed distribution.

Chief scientific officer of the Rajshahi regional office of the research institute. Fazlul Islam said that the exhibition will be held during Boro season to spread 8 varieties of paddy among the farmers of Natore. And this seed will be spread on a large scale in the next season. Besides, seeds are being distributed among the farmers for this season.

Director of Rice Research Institute (Research) Dr. Mohammad Khalekuzzaman said that they are working to spread the new varieties of rice in 64 districts of the country from this year.

Director General of Rice Research Institute. Shahjahan Kabir said, earlier it took 15 years to make a variety popular among farmers, but now with their efforts new varieties will become popular within 3 to 5 years.

Agriculture Department of Nato has set a target of 64 thousand hectares of Boro paddy cultivation in the current Boro season.

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