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Intimidation and intimidation stop polling of entire seats: EC

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The Election Commission has said that if there is any intimidation or pressure in the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections, the polling of the entire constituency will be stopped. This information was informed in a circular issued by the EC on Sunday.

According to the circular, in accordance with the provisions of the Representation of the People Order 91 of 1972, if the commission feels that due to various existing malpractices including the use of force, intimidation and pressure in the election, it cannot be ensured that the election is conducted fairly and impartially and in accordance with the law, any Polling can be stopped at any stage in the polling station or in the entire constituency as the case may be.

It is further stated that, besides, rejecting or accepting any ballot paper, any officer may reconsider any order given under this Ordinance or the rules and may issue other relevant orders including giving necessary instructions and exercising powers to ensure the conduct of elections in an impartial, fair and orderly manner.

Representation of the People Order 91 of 1972 states that if it is satisfied that due to various existing malpractices including use of force, intimidation and pressure during polling, it will not be possible to ensure reasonable, fair and lawful conduct of polling, then it is any polling station or , may, as the case may be, stop election proceedings including polling at any stage of polling in the entire constituency.

According to the circular, polling will be held continuously from 8 am to 4 pm on January 7. The returning officers have been instructed to issue a public notice in this regard by December 28.

Elections of the Center are declared closed

The circular further states that if polling is interrupted or interrupted at any time due to reasons beyond the control of the Presiding Officer and it is not possible to resume it within the time fixed for polling, he shall immediately close the polling in accordance with the provisions of Section 25 of the Representation of the People Order, 1972. and inform the nearest law enforcement agency members of the incident as well as inform the Returning Officer.

It states that if any transparent ballot box used in a polling station is unlawfully and forcibly removed from the custody of the presiding officer or is accidentally damaged or willfully destroyed or lost or if such damage or mutilation occurs, the result of the said polling station cannot be determined even in the case of the presiding officer. The officer shall stop the polling and inform the Returning Officer. The Returning Officer shall forthwith submit a report to the Election Commission about the incident and, as soon as possible, fix a date for fresh polling with the approval of the Election Commission.

Re-polling in polling stations declared closed

The circular of the Election Commission states that if the result of the constituency is not determined by the results of the remaining polling stations except the results of the polling station where the polling is closed, then the Election Commission will instruct the Returning Officer to conduct re-polling in that polling station. The Returning Officer shall, as directed by the Election Commission, issue a public notice fixing a day and time for polling at that polling station or polling stations. In this case, all the voters of the respective polling station can vote and the votes cannot be counted in the closed election.

The Election Commission announced the schedule of the 12th National Election on November 15. According to the schedule, the vote will be held on January 7.


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