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International trade fairs are piling up during the holidays

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The month-long Dhaka International Trade Fair is going on. Although it is customary to start from January 1, the fair has started three weeks behind due to the elections this year. In the first few days, there were few buyers and visitors. However, on Fridays and Saturdays, the procession of buyers and visitors was seen crowding the fair premises.

The number of buyers and visitors has increased in the fair from the morning on weekends. Sellers are also at ease with sales. However, the construction work of many stalls has not yet been completed.

Although the crowd was less in the morning, the crowd started to increase after noon. Although there are stalls of products from different countries, buyers-visitors show more interest in the products of domestic entrepreneurs. However, many complain about the high price.

Shanto Islam came from Mirpur to visit the fair with his family members. He said, “It’s a holiday, so I came with the whole family.” Visiting fairs and looking at different products. I will buy if I like.

The crowd at the RFL and various domestic and foreign pavilions in the fair was noticeable. On the occasion of the fair, various organizations are offering various discounts and gifts.

Although buyers and visitors have started coming to the fair, the work of many stalls has not been completed yet. However, among them there is also an attempt to get ready quickly.

Talking to the stall owners, it is known that no buyers-visitors have been seen in this fair which has started so far. But there are more visitors on holidays. Sales also increased. The sellers said that the fair is gathering from the beginning of next month.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the Dhaka International Trade Fair-2024 on January 21. This year’s trade fair entry ticket price has been increased by 10 taka to 50 taka from last time. And the ticket price for children has been increased from Tk 20 to Tk 30.

The number of pavilions and stalls of different categories in this event is 351. Besides, 174 stalls have been allocated in two halls. There are also restaurants, mosques, banks, ATM booths, children’s parks and mother and child centers.


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