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Instability in Indian politics, Mamata is shaking Kalkathi?

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And the Lok Sabha elections in India are just a few months away. As this election is approaching, the country’s political arena is becoming more unstable. Ahead of the elections, India’s oldest party, the Congress, formed an alliance with 28 regional parties called ‘India’, which is now on the verge of disintegration. The BJP-RSS alliance, which was formed with the promise of ousting it, is itself now in retreat.

Latest news, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar left the India Alliance and formed an alliance with the BJP and took oath as the Chief Minister of Bihar for the ninth time on Sunday.

Although Nitish Kumar said that behind India’s exit from the alliance, “he did not get the status he deserved in the alliance”, analysts feel that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is behind it.

For those who know the history of the India Alliance, Mamata’s role may come as a surprise. Because he proposed the name of the alliance ‘India’. Mamata, who burned so much wood for the formation of the India Alliance, proposed Mallikarjun Kharge to be the convenor of the alliance at the Congress meeting in Delhi in December last year, and even got the support of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for that proposal, how can she move the hammer to break the alliance! It’s amazing. But since no one has the final say in politics, the possibility of Mamata taking up such a role cannot be ruled out.

Various Indian media quoting their reliable sources are saying that Mamata and Kejriwal had a secret meeting in Delhi the night before attending the Congress meeting on India Alliance. Not only that, Mamata Banerjee also had a private meeting with Modi for five minutes there. Whether there was any conspiracy in that meeting, the apprehension remains.

But why will Mamata be a conspirator in BJP’s pocket, and why Kejriwal will be her partner?

There are allegations of corruption against Mamata, Sarabei. Many corruption cases including coal, cow, sand, ration are now in public. Some news has come out, Mamata’s corruption amounts to thousands of crores of rupees. He is tied to the BJP government in several corruption cases. Analysts believe that if the BJP offers him to become a ‘conspirator’ in such a situation, he has no choice but to say ‘no’.

According to some, Mamata is ambitious. He wants to become the prime minister. But when he realized that he would never be made Prime Minister by the India Alliance, he folded himself. When the prime minister will not be, then what is the use of the coalition? Rather, if he is with the alliance, he will have to leave several seats in West Bengal from his party. Why would he go for this ‘concession’, where his party is able to win more seats without an alliance? Apart from that, if you tie up with BJP, you can be free from corruption cases. Isn’t that a better option?

Meanwhile, 10-12 leaders of the party, including two ministers of Mamata’s cabinet, are still in jail. Mamata Banerjee also has to think about freeing them. Mamata has no other option but to keep pace with the BJP.

Again, Narendra Modi knows very well that without the support of Mamata from West Bengal, it is not possible for him to become the Prime Minister. West Bengal has 42 seats in the Parliament of India. So Modi may want to keep Mamata in hand.

CPM All India General Secretary Sitaram Yechury also made similar comments. According to him, BJP-Mamata cannot go without each other. Corruption is the thorn in their path. In the last election, BJP received the largest donation (several thousand crores) from corporates. Mamata’s party Trinamool Congress was in second place.

But what about Kejriwal? Why did he suddenly develop Dahram-Mahram with compassion? Political analysts say that root of garlic is also called ‘corruption’. Like Mamata, the Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party leader also face many corruption allegations. The case is ongoing. Like Mamata, two members of his cabinet are in jail.

So it is assumed that these two have become passengers of the same boat by following the proverb ‘Ratane Ratan Chene’. According to analysts, Mamata-Kejriwal have come together in a row because they have many things in common.

And it is probably because of these reasons that neither Mamata nor Kejriwal – never hear harsh criticism of Modi. They never attack RSS like that.

Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Mamata Banerjee.  Photo: Taken from XWhen Congress leader Rahul Gandhi announced the second ‘walking journey’ from Manipur in North India, Mamata is still wondering if she will be Rahul’s travel companion or not! Mamata’s party, the Trinamool Congress, said they are yet to take a decision. Congress will be informed if it decides to join Rahul’s padayatra.

Analyzing these behaviors of Mamata-Kejiwal, if one thinks that these two leaders want the BJP to come back to power once again, would it be too much of a mistake?

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