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Innovate to improve… or to die?

Innovate to improve… or to die?

In these years of immediacy, urgency and hyperproductivity, it seems obligatory to update the old to adapt it to the new times. World Athletics has been following this line for a few years, with Sebastian Coe at the helm, which seeks to modernize a sport with centuries of life to bring it closer to the younger public, which has been detached from some traditional disciplines. Under the mandate of the former athlete

For example, the British mixed relays were born, the last of which

that of team walking, which will be Olympic in Paris

-maybe the only major event where it is held before ‘dying’- and which replaces the 50 kilometers, a distance “too long” for the speed of the new generations of spectators. On Sunday, in

Valencia, the first criterium in Spain of this test was held and, with all the reservations of a first test,

It was difficult to follow on television and somewhat tedious, despite the great dedication of athletes, technicians and organizers. Coe also plans a true revolution in length, in which

The take-off table would be replaced by a larger area

with fingerprint to fingerprint measurement. This change, which is being tested in smaller competitions, represents an essential modification of the length, in which the precision factor would disappear to only reward the one who jumps the furthest, which is ‘another’ test. For this reason, criticism from the protagonists has not been long in coming.

Tentoglu, world and Olympic gold, already said that he would change to triple

If this is carried out and

Carl Lewis ironically said: “It would eliminate the most difficult skill in jumping.

So why not make the basket for free throws bigger?” And yet, World Athletics still has not studied the modification of the limit for null starts – set in the 90s at 100 thousandths of a second -, something that

have already been requested many times by athletes and technicians, who maintain that training and explosiveness

They allow athletes to start under that time without prior to the shot. That’s also a show…

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