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Indignation at husband, death of housewife due to poisoning

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A housewife named Kshama Dutta (35) died of poisoning after insulting her husband in Munshiganj, her relatives said.

When he was brought to Dhaka Medical College (DMH) hospital in an unconscious state on Sunday evening, the doctor in charge of the emergency department declared him dead.

It is known that Kshama Dutta is the daughter of Vijay Das of Ichapur village of Munshiganj’s Sirajdikhan police station.

Swami Vasudev Dutta said that he has a grocery store in the local market. She got married to Kshama Dutt about ten years ago. But there is no child in their family. This morning, before going to the shop, he had an argument with his wife about family matters. Then he went to the shop. Later, he found out over the phone that his wife Kshama Dutt had consumed pesticide. He was first taken to a local hospital and from there he was taken to Dhaka Medical for better treatment, the doctor said he was no longer alive.

He also said, ‘maybe my wife has done this incident out of spite on me’.

In this regard, DMK Hospital police camp in-charge Md. Bachchu Mia confirmed the death of Kshama Dutta by quoting the doctor.

He said that the body has been kept in the morgue of the emergency department of the hospital. The matter has been reported to the concerned police station.


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