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Indian government signed peace agreement with ULFA

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India’s government has signed a peace accord with the separatist organization ULFA in Assam. The government of Assam has also been kept in this agreement. Indian media NDTV and The Hindu say the tripartite agreement was signed in Delhi on Friday.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Assam Chief Minister Hemant Biswa Sharma and leaders of a section of the United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) were present during the signing of the agreement. They termed this agreement as ‘historic’. It is believed that this will reduce the tension in Northeast India.

However, Paresh Barua, leader of another part of ULFA, refused to talk about this agreement. He is now believed to be in Myanmar.

Even the details of this agreement have not been disclosed. However, it reportedly mentioned illegal immigration, land rights of tribals and special incentives for the development of Assam. Apart from this, some political matters may also be included in it.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said, ‘We want ULFA to trust us. Only then will peace come to the region.’

Amit Shah credited Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for this tripartite peace agreement.

There were 16 representatives of a part of Wolfa in this discussion. They were led by Arvind Rajkhowa. He says, ‘Peace will come to Assam now. This peace will continue in the future. We apologize if we have done anything wrong.’

Assam Chief Minister Hemant Biswa Sharma said, ‘The day is a historic day for Assam. 8,700 people from various armed groups have come under our peace agreement. Now the golden days of Assam will come.’

According to the Indian media The Hindu, the United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) was established in Assam in 1979. Since then they have been demanding to declare Assam as an independent state.


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