Home News Indian fishermen are fishing in Sri Lanka!

Indian fishermen are fishing in Sri Lanka!

Indian fishermen are fishing in Sri Lanka!

Fishermen of the country have complained that Indian fishermen are illegally fishing in Sri Lankan waters. Sri Lankan fishermen protested on Sunday with this complaint. Indian media Hindustan Times says that their protest is to stop this fishing.

These protests were held in Sri Lanka’s Jaffna, Mullaitivu and Mannar districts. They also warned that the movement will be accelerated if the authorities do not take any action in this incident.

Many political analysts think that the relationship between India and Sri Lanka is going towards a bad situation on this issue of fishermen. Because of this, the Sri Lankan Navy is often firing on Indian fishermen. Sometimes taking over.

Mainly these events are happening in the Pak system. This strait separates Tamil Nadu from Sri Lanka. The place is known to be a rich fishing ground for fishermen of both countries. Because of this, many Indians fish there.

Recently, 40 Indian fishermen were detained by Sri Lanka while fishing. Last year, 240 Indian fishermen were arrested by them. Apart from this, 35 fishing trawlers were also seized.

This week Puducherry Chief Minister N Rangaswamy sent a special message to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding this issue. At this time, he requested Modi to take measures to bring back the fishermen imprisoned in Sri Lanka. Besides, all fishing trawlers should be brought back.