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Indian cricket board coach says, Rohit Mota but…

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Currently, maintaining fitness is a prerequisite for prolonging career. Especially now, in all kinds of sports, proper planning seems to prolong the career. Jimmy Anderson is therefore bowling pace even past 40, no one cares about the new generation in tennis because of Novak Djokovic. In football, Messi and Ronaldo have yet to find superstars.

In this, fitness in cricket is becoming a big challenge day by day. Today’s cricket has a busy schedule, along with the rise of power cricket, it is not only about maintaining maximum fitness, but also building the body in such a way to give the best in the three different versions.

Once upon a time fitness was not a factor in the selection of players in India. But with the evolution of time, there has been a touch of change in that trend. Cricketers now have to go through the yo-yo test to get a place in the national team. Yuvraj Singh had to retire after failing to pass the test. Virat Kohli is the biggest example of changing the trend of fitness. Kohli’s once fat body is now sleek, lean.

On the other hand, India’s captain Rohit Sharma is completely opposite. Dedarse is playing at the highest level with a fat bag. Not only playing, but storming with the bat. However, whenever they get a chance, the critics are busy debating Rohit’s fitness. However, the strength and conditioning coach of the Indian Cricket Board, Ankit Kaliar, took a hand against the critic. Said that Rohit’s fitness is similar to Kohli’s.

Ankit told the Indian media Time of India, ‘Rohit Sharma is fit as a player. His fitness is excellent. Despite looking fat, she has always passed the yo-yo test. His fitness is similar to Virat Kohli. He (Rohit Sharma) may look a bit fat, but we all know how he is on the field. He is very fast and determined. He is one of our fittest players.’

When it comes to fitness, Kohli’s name definitely comes up. Ankit also praised Kohli. He said that the change in the trend of fitness in Indian cricket has come from the hands of Kohli.

Ankit commented, ‘Kohli is the biggest example when it comes to fitness. He introduced a culture of fitness in the national team. When the team’s best player is fit, he sets an example for others. He instilled confidence in everyone.’

Before Rohit, the baton of Indian cricket was held by Kohli. In order to get a place in the team, the players had to pass the fitness test. Ankit’s assessment of Kohli’s team, ‘When he led, it was mandatory for everyone to be fit. Fitness was the main parameter of the team then. He (Kohli) has introduced a culture of fitness and discipline in the team. It has to be appreciated. It is because of him that the Indian players are looking fit today.’


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