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India wants to dominate Maldives: Chinese media

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The Global Times, known as the mouthpiece of China’s ruling Communist Party, has published a report targeting India amid the ongoing India-Maldives tension. It is said that India is showing hegemonic mentality in Maldives.

The incident started last Sunday. Three Maldivian ministers had to be dismissed for posting on social media mocking Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The three dismissed Maldivian ministers are Maryam Sheuna, Malsha and Hasan Jehan.

Modi recently visited Lakshadweep, the country’s smallest autonomous region consisting of 36 islands. The purpose of his visit was to promote the tourism industry of the area of ​​32 square kilometers. These ministers shared some pictures and videos of Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep on social media and taunted him.

In such a situation, the Maldivian government said in a statement, ‘Those who posted such posts while in government positions have been dismissed from their jobs.’

Indian media Hindustan Times says that many Indians decided to boycott Maldives after this incident. Most of them are tourists. This incident happened at a time when the President of Maldives Mohamed Muijju is on a visit to China. Meanwhile, he urged China to send more tourists.

On the issue of the dismissal of three ministers, Global Times says that India has a mindset to dominate Asia. They want to do the same in Maldives. The report also mentions that Beijing has warned Delhi not to involve or blame China in this. It has even been suggested to change our policy towards neighbors.

Fudan University’s Center for South-Asian Studies Deputy Director Lin Minwang says that Maldivian President Muijju has already changed the foreign policy. He started giving more importance to China than India. But many say that he is not doing this on purpose. He wants the good of the country first, then foreign policy.


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