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Independent MPs want to be the opposition party

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Independent parliamentarians want to take the role of the opposition party in the 12th National Parliament. They have already held several meetings in this regard. Although they have started talks to stay in the opposition as a coalition, they have not taken any final decision yet. They want to meet the Speaker and discuss about forming a parliamentary group.

Awami League has single-handedly won 223 seats and formed the government in the 12th National Assembly elections. Jatiya Party got 11 seats. Independent candidates have won a record 62 seats.

Discussion since the election, who are the opposition parties. Jatiya Party is in the second position with maximum 11 seats. However, even if there is no party or alliance, independent candidates are the highest winners after Awami League.

A number of independent MPs have already held several rounds of meetings to secure opposition seats in the new parliament. They want to take the role of opposition party in alliance.

Independent MP of Faridpur-3 constituency AK Azad said, ‘We as the majority will ask the speaker to give us the status of the opposition party. Then based on the discussion he (Speaker) will do what he thinks with the leader of the parliament. Separation should be by alliance. We will go together.’

Most of the MPs who won as independent candidates are Awami League leaders. So they will take the final decision only after getting the Prime Minister’s opinion.

Independent Md. of Dhaka 18 seats. Khosru Chowdhury said, ‘What is being discussed. I heard that there was a meeting yesterday as well. Actually independent we say but not really independent completely. We are still people of Awami family. In that case, what our leader Prime Minister will say, if he says to stay with Morcha then I will stay, if he says not to stay then I will not stay.’

Independent MP Pankaj Debnath of Barisal 4 seat said, Sheikh Hasina is our guardian. We will work as per the advice given by the Prime Minister in the management of the country, government and Parliament.

If the opposition party is a coalition of individual MPs, the Jatiya Party will not get the status of the main opposition party.


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